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How to play a C Major Chord

Bb Major Scale Jazz Ideas

Bb7 Jazz Blues Ideas

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The names of the left hand fingers for guitar

​A Minor Dorian Ideas

Monty teaches private guitar, bass, piano, music theory, and ear training lessons at his home in Greer, SC and on Skype. Monthly lessons are $25 per lesson (30 Minutes) - $100 per 4 week months, $125 per 5 week months. Monty specializes in teaching all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. Monty can help you reach your goals on guitar, bass or piano. Lessons are on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Feel free to contact Monty at or call at 864-349-6500 for information to get signed up today. 

How to play a E Major chord

America The Beautiful - Solo Guitar

Em Pentatonic - Form I Ideas

The names of the open strings

How to play a G Major chord

How to play a A Major chord